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Where did the come to Russia from Scandinavia the lands we now know as. 
Who had to pay a tribute to the Vikings. 
Christianity came to Russia from wich empire. 
Who was the 1st woman ruler in Russia. 
Who ordered all Russians to be baptized. 
the tartars were a blend of rich two tribes. 
What ruler forced the tartars out of Russia. 
What is a boyar. 
What is a serf. 
wich czar is credited with uniting russia 
wich czar ordered the construction of the Moscow Kremlin 
what was the nickname given to Ivan the IV 
wich zcar was the first to travel outside of Russia.Where did he visit. 
where was the first warm water port built 
Catherin the great took power after the death of who 
why was russia an easy country to invade and what was it called 
where was Catherin born 
wich zcarinea considered freeing the serfs 
wich zcar ordered the people to shave off there beards 
who was greatly influenced by the french ideas 
who ordered the construction of st. bacil's cathedrile 

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