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How many counties in Alabama have a population over 200,000, but less than 400,000?
What are the last names of Alabama's two US Senators?
How many dams are located on the Tennessee River in Alabama?
How many institutions are in the University of Alabama system?
Which major interstate begins in Mobile?
How many counties in Alabama have a population over 400,000?
Decatur is the seat of which county?
Marshall Space Flight Center is located within which military installation?
What is Birmingham's most popular nickname?
What is the nickname of the annual Alabama-Auburn football game?
Was the city of Birmingham founded before or after the Civil War?
What large body of water divides Mobile and Baldwin Counties?
What is the most populated city in Alabama under 100,000?
Regions Park is located in which city?
Which county sits in the SE corner of Alabama?
What is the name of the river that flows through Tuscaloosa?
Which city was Alabama's first constitution written in?
What is the name of the largest football stadium in Alabama?
If you take Interstate 65 North out of Birmingham, what will be the next interstate you see?
What county is the city of Birmingham in?
Which city is the smallest of Alabama's 'Big Four'?
What is the highest mountain peak in Alabama?
The University of West Alabama is located in which city?
The Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers join to form which river?
In which year was the University of Alabama founded?
Which North Alabama city is located exactly 100 miles from both Nashville and Birmingham?
Which state is directly south of Alabama?
How many metropolitan areas in Alabama contain over 400,000 people?
How many Alabama counties have at least part of their boundaries north of the Tennessee River?
How many flags have been flown over the city of Mobile since its founding in 1703?
Florence is the seat of which county?
In which county would you find the city of Gadsden?
What is the name of the largest marching band in Alabama?
Which statue overlooks the city of Birmingham from Red Mountain?
What city is the most populated suburb of Huntsville?

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