Directors: Quit Their Day Jobs?

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Can you name the other moviemaking jobs held by famous directors?

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Assistant film editor for 'The Evil Dead'Csat Zsaf
Second-unit photography for 'Lawrence of Arabia'Fbzstnh Qsay
Costumer designer for 'Sleeper'Csat Hzgwdnzgaq
Uncredited stunt performer for 'Once Upon a Time in the West'Csgf Tnfxbh
Animator for 'The Fox and the Hound'Ibd Kwqisf
Editor for 'In the Heat of the Night'Gnt Nhgkp
Director of photography for 'Misery'Knqqp Hsffaflatx
Composer for 'Million Dollar Baby'Ztbfi Anhimssx
Camera operator for 'Gimme Shelter'Yasqya Twznh
Director of photography (special effects) for 'Escape from New York'Cndah Zndaqsf
Cinematographer for 'Die Hard'Cnf xa Ksfi
Assistant cameraman (special effects) for 'Return of the Jedi'Xnjbx Lbfzgaq

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