TV actors in Best Picture winners

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Can you name the TV actors in Best Picture winners?

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Evangeline Lilly 
Dominic Monaghan 
Naveen Andrews 
Daniel Dae Kim 
Judd Hirsch 
Tony Danza 
Danny De Vito 
Christopher Lloyd 
Jude Ciccolella 
James Badge Dale 
Mykelti Williamson 
Anil Kapoor 
Murphy Brown
Candace Bergen 
Robert Pastorelli 
Haley Joel Osment 
Twin Peaks
Russ Tamblyn and Richard Beymer 
Joan Chen 
Billy Zane 
Woody Harrelson 
John Ratzenberger 
Law and Order
Anthony Anderson 
George Dzunda 
The West Wing
Martin Sheen 
Allison Janney 
Ally McBeal
Taye Diggs 
Lucy Liu 
Quantum Leap
Dean Stockwell 
Scott Bakula 
Ted Levine 
Jason Gray-Stanford 
The Unusuals
Adam Goldberg 
Jeremy Renner 

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