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Long table, 20 cups, ping pong ball
Two teams, lots of spinning solo cups
1st- 'red or black' 2nd- 'higher or lower' 3nd- 'inside or outside' 4th- 'guess the suit'
You don't want to be the one with the deck in your hands near the end of this game
60 minutes, 60 songs
Not sure if AC/DC had this in mind when they wrote the song...
Two shot glasses + 50 cents
Deck of cards around a cup. Don't draw the 4th _____!
Duck tape and malt liquor make such a nice combination
Support public transportation!
One large cup surrounded by each players small cups
'What's the name of the game?' 'Why do we play?'
C'mon it's as easy as counting to '7'.. Oops!
'Hmm, as president of this game I'm thinking you should take a drink'

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