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DescriptionsWho is...?
He is the only wizard Voldemort fears.
He was the Drumstrang Headmaster.
She is a captive in Malfoy Manor.
He is the eldest Weasley.
These creatures suck out souls.
He is expelled from Hogwarts in his thrid year.
She is the author of 'Hogwarts: A history'
She is the astronomy teacher.
Harry describes him as being 'pompous'
Her patronus is an otter.
DescriptionsWho is...?
She is the elf of Hepzibah Smith.
She rats on the D.A. (dumbledore's Army)
This member of the Order of the Phoenix is arrested at the ministry.
He was tormented by James Potter and his gang.
He is the brother of Colin Creevey.
He refereed the Quidditch World Cup.
She is Teddy's mother.
This family switches sides during the battle of Hogwarts.
He is an accidental Horicrux.
She is killed by Molly Weasley.

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