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Physical DescriptionName
'soft, greasy voice'
'lamp-like eyes'
'blonde pigtails'
'light brown hair was flecked with grey'
'permantently surprised look'
'broad, good-natured face, which was weather-beaten'
'lumpy-looking man with an odd lopsided leer'
'bulging green eyes the size of tennis balls'
'her heavy jaw jutted aggressively'
'slightly cross-eyed, with shoulder-length white hair the texture of candyfloss'
Physical DescriptionName
'twice the usual amount of neck'
'wheezy voiced silver haired wizard'
'a tiny man in a violet top hat'
'a grumpy looking old man, with a great deal of long grey hair'
'a pale heart-shaped face'
'ruddy-faced wizard with a scrubby brown beard'
'his smile did not extend to his eyes'
'an immensely fat old lady wearing an elaborate ginger wig;
'short, plump, kind-faced woman'
'young man with golden hair'
Physical DescriptionName
'a tiny little wizard'
'a corpulent, red nosed wizard'
'pale eyes shining like moons'
'a thin, irritable woman who looked like an underfed vulture'
'hardly any neck'
'sharp-featured face that appeared more anxious than unkind'
'a very small, mousy haired boy'
'a squat, smiling witch dressed all in mauve'
'a rather severe-looking woman who was wearing square glasses'
'tall and emaciated, with dark shadows under his eyes'

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