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One of the five forms of myths
Type of myth that describes how animals were considered spirits and were sacred. Humans developed their relationship with animals
relates to the activities of the gods
that is which expressed an immediate awareness of a religious experiences
Gives us a panoramic understanding of what our situation is.
Attempts to center an individual with integrity.
Signifies the destiny that has summoned the hero and is transferred the spiritual center of gravity from normal society to the unknown
This idea symbolizes the passage of the magical threshold into the sphere of rebirth. Symbolized in the belly of the whale
This is when the hero has met with the mother goddess and the atonement with the father, the hero can move on, he is not bound to his or her gender, gender is no longer an issue
This is the actual tangible object that the hero receives from his victory
official set of books that can be changed
this approach doesn’t ask for religious meaning.
attempts to harmonize fundamental and scientific
wises king who sought wisdom

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