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Talknig to Ritchie - I didnt' know that piece of junk was (4)Running up the hill
Talking to bartender - Put it back on! That (3)In the bar
Talking to Rosie - What's there to say? (7)Bob and Rosie's kitchen
Talking to Ritchie - To me you'll always be that little @$$%*!& who (6)In the room before the fight
Talking to Ritchie - Yeah. Except this prom (2)At the brothel in Tijuana
Talking to Rosie - Look Rosie, you're not (2)Bob and Rosie's kitchen
Talking to his mom - To Ritchie? I did this (3)In the VFW
Shouts out at the end of Sleepwalk (1)On the bridge

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