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Can you name the Number of Appearances They Made on The Daily Show with John Stewart?

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Guest On Daily Show# of EpisodesVery Mini Bio
Pat BuchananSr Advisor to Nixon, Ford and Reagan
Don RicklesGoodfellas, Friar Roasts, Insult Comic
Seth RogenFreaks and Geeks, Knocked Up, Actor
Bill Clinton42nd President
Michael MooreBowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 911, Activist
Will FerrellSNL, Anchorman, Talladeja Nights, Actor
Mike HuckabeeGov Arkansas 1996 - 2007
Fareed ZakariaCNN, Fareed Zakaria GPS, Journalist
Jimmy Carter39th President
Adam SandlerSNL, Happy Madison Productions, Actor
Ralph NaderPolitical Activist, Enviormentalist
Al SharptonMinister, Civil Right Activist, Radio Show
Bill O'reillyFox, O'Reilly Factor
Caroline KennedyAuthor, Attorney
Lou DobbsCNN, Lou Dobbs Tonight
Guest On Daily Show# of EpisodesVery Mini Bio
Harrison FordIndiana Jones, Han Solo, Actor
Dan RatherCBS Evening News, Dan Rather Reports
George CarlinHBO specials, Comic
Robert WuhlBatman, Assume the Position, Actor Comic
Brian WilliamsNBC Nightly News, CNBC, MSNBC
Newt GingrichSpeaker of House 1995 - 1999
John McCainUS Senator from Arizona
Dennis MillerSNL, Dennis Miller Live, Comic
Madeleine AlbrightUS Secretary of State, Ambassador to the UN
Samuel L JacksonPulp Fiction, Star Wars(prequels), Actor
Al GoreVice President
Barack Obama44th President
David CrossRun Ronnie Run, Writer, Comic, Actor
Richard LewisCurb Your Enthusiasm, Comic
George ClooneySyriana, Ocean's 11, Actor

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