U.S. State Welcome Sign Phrases

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Can you name the U.S. states by their welcome sign's phrases?

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...What a Difference a State Makes!
We're Glad (State Name's) On Your Mind
Historic (State Name) Highway - Gateway to the 49th State
...Drive Friendly - The (State Name) Way
...Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places
...The Beautiful
*(State Name) Welcomes You. 'I Direct'
...Its Like Coming Home
...The Sunshine State
*Welcome to (State Name). 'Let it be Perpetual'
...The Ocean State
*Welcome to (State Name). 'To the Stars through Difficulties'
...The Good Life. Home of Arbor Day.
...The Land of Enchantment
...Welcome to the Valley Region
*Welcome to (State Name). ...The Silver State. 'All of Our Country'
...Field of Opportunities
...Small Wonder
*Welcome to (State Name). 'Gold and Silver'
...Great Lakes, Great Times
The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You
*(State Name) Welcomes You. 'Value, Liberty, and Independence'
...We're full of surprises
...Bienvenue en (State Name in French)
*Welcome to (State Name). & ...Wild and Wonderful & ...Open for Business
...Still the Right Place
*Welcome to (State Name). 'She Flies with her Own Wings
*Welcome to (State Name). 'Death to Tyrants'
*(State Name) Welcomes You. 'Forward'
(State Name) Welcomes You. Enjoy Your Visit!
The People of (State Name) Welcome You
...The Green Mountain State
...The Way Life Should Be
...Native America
...Like No Place On Earth
...The Empire State
...Colorful (State Name)
*Welcome to (State Name). 'To Be, Rather Than To Seem'
...Great Faces, Great Places
(State Name), The Volunteer State Welcomes You
...Crossroads of America
*Welcome to (State Name). 'Eureka'
...The Evergreen State
...The Show-Me State
...The Granite State
The Natural State. Buckle Up For Safety.
*(State Name) Welcomes You. 'The Star of the Norrh'
(State Name) Welcomes You to the Heart of it All
'...(State Name): Unbrided Spirit' & ...'(State Name): Where Education Pays'

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