Raiders draft picks since 2000

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Can you name the Raiders draft picks since 2000?

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Year-Round SelectedNamePosition & College
2012-3T Utah
2012-4LB San Diego State
2012-5DE Penn State
2012-5WR Arizona
2012-6DT Georgia State
2012-7LB Penn State
2011-2C Penn State
2011-3CB Miami
2011-3T LSU
2011-4CB Ohio State
2011-4RB Eastern Washington
2011-5WR Tennessee
2011-6TE Miami
2011-7WR USC
2010-1LB Alabama
2010-2DE/DT Texas
2010-3OT Hillsdale
2010-4OT Maryland
2010-4WR Clemson
2010-5CB Auburn
2010-6LB Arizona State
2010-7CB Michigan State
2010-7S Michigan
2009-1WR Maryland
2009-2S Ohio
2009-3DE Wisconsin
2009-4WR Florida
2009-4LB Oregon State
2009-6DE Missouri
2009-6TE Iowa
2008-1RB Arkansas
2008-4S Connecticut
2008-4WR Richmond
Year-Round SelectedNamePosition & College
2008-6DE Buffalo
2008-7WR San Diego St
2007-1QB LSU
2007-2TE Arizona State
2007-3DE Georgia
2007-3OT Florida State
2007-4WR UTEP
2007-4RB Louisville
2007-4CB Cincinnati
2007-5DE Ohio State
2007-5S Washington State
2007-6FB Arkansas State
2007-7WR Louisiana Tech
2006-1S Texas
2006-2LB UTEP
2006-3OG Weber State
2006-4S USC
2006-6OL Cornell
2006-7C Michigan State
2006-7WR Maine
2005-1CB Nebraska
2005-2CB Houston
2005-3QB Arizona State
2005-3LB San Diego St
2005-6DT Wisconsin
2005-6LB California
2005-6OT Iowa
2004-1OT Iowa
2004-2C Virginia Tech
2004-3S Purdue
2004-4WR Texas Tech
2004-5WR Syracuse
2004-6DE Delaware
Year-Round SelectedNamePosition & College
2004-6LB North Texas
2004-7TE San Jose St
2003-1CB California
2003-1DE Colorado
2003-2TE Stanford
2003-3DE Fresno State
2003-3RB USC
2003-4LB South Florida
2003-5WR Central Florida
2003-6OT BYU
2003-7S New Mexico State
2003-7WR Gustavus Adolphus
2002-1CB Miami
2002-1LB Northwestern
2002-2OL California
2002-2TE BYU
2002-5DE UCLA
2002-6DB Albany State
2002-6RB San Diego St
2002-7QB(WR) North Carolina
2001-1S Florida State
2001-2QB Washington
2001-3DE Oregon State
2001-5S Northern Arizona
2001-6DE Nebraska-Omaha
2001-7RB Ohio State
2001-7WR Ohio State
2000-1K Florida State
2000-2WR West Virginia
2000-4DT Arizona State
2000-5P Texas A&M
2000-7TE Miami
2000-7DB SW Texas State

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