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What year was Derek Jeter born?
What state was Jeter born in?
What state did he move to at the age of four?
What high school did he attend?
What team drafted Jeter?
What year did Jeter make his major league debut?
His first major league hit came against what pitcher?
What number does he wear?
What award did he win in 1996?
What is Jeter's nickname? (Think Month)
How many World Series has he won?
In what year did he win the All Star game and World Series MVP?
What is the position Jeter plays?
What Yankee legend did he surpass to become the all time Yankee hit leader?
His 2000th career hit came against what former Royals pitcher?
On August 16, 2009 what former baseball great did Jeter surpass to become the all time hit leader for a shorstop?
Jeter was on the cover of what video game series?
What player did Jeter surpass to become the all time Yankee stolen base leader?
Name one of the two movies Jeter has appeared in.
He has also appeared on what T.V. shows? (Just name one)
What pitcher did Jeter get hit number 3000 off of?
Hit number 3000 for Jeter was a home run. Name the only other player in history to have his 3000th hit be a home run.

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