2011 WWE Tough Enough Trivia

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Can you name the answers to these Tough Enough questions?

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Who was the winner of Tough Enough?
Who was the first person eliminated?
Who were the only two people never to be in the bottom three?
What was Miss USA's name?
Name one of the three trainers
Who's nickname was Skidmarks?
Who finished in second place?
Who was the host of Tough Enough?
Which contestant quit so she could be with her daughter?
The winner of Tough Enough was revealed on what WWE show?
Who was forced to leave because of injury?
What was the name of the first episode?
Who finished last in the long run the contestants had to endure?
Who was the only person to win a skills challenge but still be eliminated that week?
Who was the first male eliminated?
Who was eliminated because he lost a promo battle?
Who was eliminated not because of injury, but for not pushing through her injury?
Who was the last female eliminated?
What did the winner receive from the host of Tough Enough after winning?
Who showed up when the winner of Tough Enough was revealed?

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