We Are The World Song Lyrics- Haiti

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There comes a _______ when
we heed a certain _______
when the ________ must
come _________
as ________
there are people _________
and it's time to ______ __ ______ to life
the greatest _______ of all
we cant go on _________ day by day
that someone somehow will soon make a _________
we are all a part of god's great big ________
and the _______ you know love is all we need
We are the ________
LineMissing Lyric
we are the ________
we are the ones who make a ________ _____
so lets start ________
there's a _______ we're making
we're _______ ______ _____ _______
it's true we'll make a better day just ____ ____ _____
send them your _______
so they'll know that someone _______
so their ______ for help will not be in vain
we can't let them _______
no we can't _____ ______
right now they need a ______ _____

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