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A small, blue digimon with a humanoid shape. Possesses the ability to Armor Digivolve.
A giant, dark red beetle digimon with a large horn.
An orange monkey digimon who likes to mimic Elvis Presley.
A large cactus digimon with boxing gloves.
A huge, dragon-like digimon that is able to travel at incredible speeds.
A giant tree digimon that managed to sow dischord among the DigiDestined.
A clown/jester digimon with a number of dangerous tricks up his sleeve.
In one form, he resembles a man in a blue outfit with a cane. Is his other form, he resembles a popular Halloween figure with a gun.
The first digimon we ever see, he is not much more than a pink ball with eyes and a mouth.
A feline digimon who started out sour, but changed sides to save Kari. Possesses the ability to Armor Digivolve.
An Ultimate digimon that resembles a multi-winged angel. In my opinion, the coolest one of all.
A digimon that almost destroyed the Digital World searching for a worthy adversary.
An Armor digimon that calls himself 'The Samurai of Sincerity.'
A ghost digimon that loses its power when people chant a certain chant.
A digmon formed by the Digimon Emperor, using parts of different digimon. Its destruction caused the downfall of the Emperor.

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