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Can you name the missing words in these jokes via @BestAt on Twitter?

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Of all the stereotypes, my favorite is probably ____@JordyHamrick
I'll bet you $46,368.86 you can't guess how much I owe my ______.@CasperVatikaki
I once threw a rock 5,280 feet. It was a _________@mytweecwetlife
Every country has their idiots. We call ours '__________'.@disastrous007
Hey ________! Why not make your can like push pops?@YeahImAshley
My _____ _____ seems to be very jealous of the relationship I have with my bed@TweetMajik
There's no justice in a world that won't allow killing people who eat _______ with their mouth open.@Paxochka
Clumsy people be _______@biorhythmist
JokeMissing wordUsername
Nothing is certain in life but death and ______ updates@clarkekant
_______ are like tiny senior citizens that you can eat@yoyoha
Opening a Christian gym called 'Jehovah's _______'@elibraden
I wish I wasn't colorblind, but I guess the grass is always ______...@meganamram
Your faux hawk told me you have every season of '_________' on DVD.@JennyJohnsonHi5
Your body is a temple, not a _____-_______@OfficialVimal
People are making _______ jokes like there's no tomorrow@danielmeier

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