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Can you name the missing words from these children's story and book titles?

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Fill in the Blank
The ______ Prince
______ Web
______ the Big Red Dog
Where the ______ Things Are
Freckle ______
The ______ Garden
The ______ Cheese Man
Where the ______ Ends
The Lion, The Witch, and the ______
______ and Ramona
Hop on ______
The Jungle ______
When You Give a ______ a Cookie
Harriet the ______
The ______ Tree
A ______ in Time
Anne of ______ Gables
Fill in the Blank
Amelia ______
Harry Potter and the ______ Stone
______ with a Chance of Meatballs
______ Hears a Who!
Alexander and the Terrible, ______ , No Good, Very Bad Day
James and the Giant ______
Tales of a Fourth Grade ______
Sideways Stories from ______ School
What Do ______ Do All Day?
______ in Socks
The ______ Little Puppy
The Very Hungry ______
Goodnight ______
The ______ Express
Stuart ______
______ Little Pigs
______ Eggs and Ham
Fill in the Blank
Diary of a ______ Kid
Love You ______
Are You My ______ ?
Where the ______ Fern Grows
The Boxcar ______
Harold and the Purple ______
______ Everlasting
______, Plain and Tall
The Velveteen ______
Alice in ______
The Neverending ______
______ Soup
The Wind in the ______
How Do ______ Say Goodnight?
The ______ Story of the Three Little Pigs
Everyone ______

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