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The University known for its blue football field.
What city's library has the original Winnie the Pooh bear?
TV host who paid his staff while he was in-between jobs.
South Dakota's capital city.
What two U.S. Presidents died on the same day? Adams and _______
Madonna's first album title.
Princess Di's maiden name.
A Knight's Tale's Paul Bettany played Geoffrey ______
The west coast's 'Ellis Island.'
Director of Menlo Park
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Four largest islands in the world: Madagascar, Borneo, New Guinea and ______
Winner of the Super Bowl in 2010
Starred in Back to the Future, Taxi, and Angels in the Outfield
Obama's daughters: Mali Ann and ________
Closest star to Earth.
How many cups in a pint?
Director of Willow, Parenthood and Cinderella Man.
Wrote Wake of the Predido Star and won an Academy Award for French Connection?
Where the deer and the ________ play.
Feet in a mile?

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