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Household item
something that santa delivers on christmas/to allow 
A dance
astronauts drank this/the opposite of stop 
Building material
an automobile/ dogs, cats and birds are types of these 
Clothing item
gluteus maximus/ opposite of off 
A sport
you put these on before shoes/ opposite of him 
Party favor
soccer, tennis, basketball are all examples of these/ a group of aquatic birds found in many parts of North America  
juicy fruit and big red are types of this/ long, recurved and compound are types of these 
Household object
opposite of lose, a female deer 
the masculine word for THE in french, abreviation for a day of the week 
Household item
insted of a turkey this year we are having one of these for thanksgiving/according, also, as 
Kitchen furnishing
slang term for someone who drives a taxi, trapeze artists usually perform with one of these for safety 
Bedroom item
A night gown, ballroom and prom are all types of these/ opposite of him 

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