Monarchs of Poland

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Duke 9th centuryPiast
Duke 9th-10th centuryPiast
Duke 10th centuryPiast
Duke 960?-992Piast
Duke 992-1025, King 1025Piast
King 1025-1031Piast
Duke 1031-1032Piast
Duke 1032Piast
Duke 1032Piast
Duke 1032-1034Piast
Duke 1039-1058Piast
Duke 1058-1076, King 1076-1079Piast
Duke 1079-1102Piast
Duke 1102-1107Piast
Duke 1102-1138Piast
High Duke 1138-1146Piast
High Duke 1146-1173Piast
High Duke 1173-1177Piast
High Duke 1177-1190Piast
High Duke 1190Piast
High Duke 1190-1194Piast
High Duke 1194-1198Piast
High Duke 1198-1199Piast
High Duke 1199-1202Piast
High Duke 1202Piast
High Duke 1202-1206Piast
High Duke 1206-1210Piast
High Duke 1210-1211Piast
High Duke 1211-1227Piast
High Duke 1227-1229Piast
High Duke 1229-1232Piast
High Duke 1232-1238Piast
High Duke 1238-1241Piast
High Duke 1241-1243Piast
High Duke 1243-1279Piast
High Duke 1279-1288Piast
High Duke 1288-1290Piast
High Duke 1290-1295, King 1295-1296Piast
High Duke 1296-1300, King 1300-1305Přemyslid
King 1305-1306Přemyslid
High Duke 1306-1320, King 1320-1333Piast
King 1333-1370Piast
King 1370-1382Anjou
King 1382-1399Anjou

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