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rocket, mortar, or howitzer
one kind of well
Threepio's little buddy
yummy thistle with a heart
spelled out part of a Spielberg title
Oliver Twist's friend Jack Dawkins
Chinese classic that inspired Mao, MacArthur, and Brøderbund
some folks call it rheumatism
group behind 'Close (to the Edit)' and 'Kiss'
the, a, or an
Greek goddess of childbirth ... and virginity
ingenuity or deception
road prone to heavy traffic
scorpion, lobster, or barnacle
something a human made
Biden caused a stir when he said Obama was ...
lists of fundamental beliefs or creeds
design style of the Chrysler Building
advertising copywriter's creative partner
turn of the century style rich in vines and flowers
document replaced by the US Constitution
mugwort, southernwood, or wormwood
director behind the Theater of Cruelty

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