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Can you name the Itchy & Scratchy episodes featured on The Simpsons?

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Most of the titleMissing word(s)Phrase it's based on
My Dinner with [blank]My Dinner with Andre
The [blank] Has LandedThe Eagle Has Landed
Dogday [blank]ody of 1933Broadway Melody of 1936
The Buck [blank] HereThe Buck Stops Here
Burning Down the [blank]Burning Down the House
Cat [blank] FeverCat Scratch Fever
The Battle of [blank]-LooThe Battle of Waterloo
[blank] of the PackLeader of the Pack
Bang the [blank] SlowlyBang the Drum Slowly
[blank] NowApocalypse Now
Black-and-[blank] SwanBlack Swan
From Here to [blank]From Here to Eternity
100-Yard [blank]100-Yard Dash
[blank] Pussycat! Kill! Kill!Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Moo Goo Gai [blank]Moo goo gai pan
Koyaanis-[blank]: Death out of BalanceKoyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance
The Glass [blank]-agerieThe Glass Menagerie
[blank]! Wilderness!Ah, Wilderness!
Most of the titleMissing word(s)Phrase it's based on
Hold That [blank]Hold That Line
Dazed and [blank]Dazed and Confused
[blank] [blank] Bang BangChitty Chitty Bang Bang
Deaf Comedy [blank]!Def Comedy Jam
Par for the [blank]Par for the Course
Field of [blank]Field of Dreams
A [blank] Before DyingA Kiss Before Dying
Good [blank], Bad ChoicesGood Kids, Bad Choices
[blank] of EndearmentTerms of Endearment
The Great [blank] of ChinaThe Great Wall of China
Circus of the [blank]Circus of the Stars
diePod [blank]listiPod Playlist
Ain't I a [blank]?Ain't I a Stinker?
Four [blank] and a WeddingFour Weddings and a Funeral
[blank] Off DeadBetter Off Dead
I'm Getting [blank] in the MorningI'm Getting Married in the Morning
[blank] Me to the MoonFly Me to the Moon
Candle in the [blank]Candle in the Wind

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