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Can you name the words or phrases that end with ETTE?

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puts the VC in VCR
hair clasp
color mixing tool
JWoww or Snooki, controversially
Mae West's final film, or a group of six
washateria or similar clothes-washing business
website for talking with random strangers
popular shaving brand
dark outline against a light background
baton twirler
political blog started by Ana Marie Cox
what a mix tape goes on
Frankie's beach girl
blonde, blue-skinned cartoon character
reality TV spinoff featuring Trista Rehn
French general in the American Revolution
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, or Bowie's city
neither blonde nor redhead
folded egg dish
tangy salad dressing or marinade
small area for casual meals near the kitchen
Colbert of 'It Happened One Night'
Howdy Doody or the Thunderbirds
Radio City dancer
gum that helps you quit smoking
common name for a newspaper
Sheridan of 'The Sure Thing' and 'Desperate Housewives'
narrow glass tube used in a lab
Davis or Midler
'Ironic' singer
casino game with 0 and 00 spaces
free-jazz saxophonist Coleman
private university in Wisconsin, or the explorer it's named for
Winston, Du Maurier, Sakura, Newport, or Lark
to spin on your toe
system that tells you which fork to use
one singer of 'Be My Baby'
sports car or warship
rectangular gem cut, or French bread
a flirt

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