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Can you name the missing words from Robert Fulghum's list?

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These are the things I learned: [verb] everything.
Play [adverb].
Don't [verb] people.
Put things back [four word phrase].
[verb phrase] your own mess.
Don't take things that [two words].
Say you're [word] ...
when you [verb] somebody.
Wash your hands before you [verb].
Warm [plural noun] ...
and cold [noun] are good for you.
Live a [adjective] life --
learn some and [verb] some ...
and draw and [verb] ...
and sing and [verb] ...
and play and [verb] every day some.
Take a [noun] every afternoon.
When you go out in the world, watch out for [noun] ...
hold [plural noun] ...
and stick [adverb].
Be aware of [noun].
Remember the little seed in the [adjective noun]:
the [plural noun] go down ...
and the [noun] goes up ...
and nobody really knows [conjunction] or why ...
but we are all [two words].
[plural noun] and hamsters ...
and white [plural noun] ...
and even the little seed in the [adjective noun] ...
they all [verb]. So do we.
And then remember the [hyphenated adjective] books ...
and the first [noun] you learned ...
the biggest of all: [VERB].

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