Cow Pelvic Parent Arteries

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Can you name the direct parent artery for the given arteries in cows?

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ArteryParent Artery
Deep Artery of the Clitoris
Internal Iliac
Deep Femoral
Cranial Mammary
Cranial Gluteal
Caudal Mammary
Cranial Uterine
Pudendoepigastric Trunk
Caudal Vesical
Dorsal Artery of the Clitoris
Main (Middle) Uterine
Artery of the Clitoris
Vestibular Branch
Internal Pudendal
Caudal Mesenteric
ArteryParent Artery
Ventral Perineal
Caudal Epigastric
Middle Rectal
Caudal Superficial Epigastric
Urethral Branch
Cranial Vesical
Obturator Branches
Caudal Gluteal
External Pudendal
External Iliac
Caudal Rectal
Deep Circumflex Iliac
Dorsal Perineal
Caudal Uterine

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