Bovine Abdominal Blood Supply

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Can you name the arteries that supply the specified organ/region in bovids?

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Organ SuppliedArtery
Cranial Duodenal Flexure
Proximal Duodenum
Right Longitudinal Groove of Rumen
Right Dorsal Coronary Groove of Rumen
Ileum plus Associated Mesentery
Mesenteric Lymph Nodes
Lesser Curvature of Abomasum
Greater Curvature of Abomasum
Ascending Colon
Transverse Colon
Proximal Loop of Colon
Right Ventral Coronary Groove of Rumen
Organ SuppliedArtery
Left Dorsal Coronary Groove of Rumen
Greater Omentum
Caudal Duodenal Flexure
Distal Duodenum
Proximal Descending Colon
Visceral Surface of Omasum
Ruminoreticular Groove
Centripetal Coils
Left Ventral Coronary Groove of Rumen
Left Longitudinal Groove of Rumen
Spiral Loop of Colon
Cecocolic Fold
Colic Lymph Nodes

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