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english translationVitalism
coach who plays an easy schedule
up and down inconsistent player
eats you alive on defense
an unselfish player
the player who leads the team
what you get when your shot is rejected in your face
a mismatch
close game
playing time
three-point basket
quality time
when the underachievers get their just dessert
a prime time player
big player
getting a win
playing slow tempo
passes the ball
english translationVitalism
big guy
zzzz time because teams have been loading up on pansies
he drives he draws he dishes
player who disappeard
taking long shots when they need short shots
good basketball, what people pay to see
flashy slam dunk
team without a center
sensational freshamn
great one on one player
a small infant child, his catch phrase
shoots from a long distance
good leaper
no contest
a jump shot
an impressive slam dunk

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