Porter's Five Forces

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Factors & ImplicationsFive Forces
a. Many firms are about the same size (no dominant firm) b. Little differentiation between competitors products and services c. A mature industry with very little growth.
a. Small number of buyers b. Firms purchase large volume c. Firms may easily switch to another product d. Buyers can do without a firm's product e. Customers are price sensitive
a. Few supplies of a particular product b. There are no substitutes c. Switching to another (competitive) product is very costly d. The product is extremely important.
a. Similarities of substitutes; e.g. If the price of coffee rises substantially, a coffee drinker may switch to tea b. Substitutes may be viewed as a new entrant.
a. Existing loyalty to major brands b. Incentives for using high fixed costs c. Scarcity of resources d. High cost of switching companies e. Government restrictions/legislation.

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