Porter's Five Forces

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Factors & ImplicationsFive Forces
a. Few supplies of a particular product b. There are no substitutes c. Switching to another (competitive) product is very costly d. The product is extremely important.
a. Many firms are about the same size (no dominant firm) b. Little differentiation between competitors products and services c. A mature industry with very little growth.
a. Similarities of substitutes; e.g. If the price of coffee rises substantially, a coffee drinker may switch to tea b. Substitutes may be viewed as a new entrant.
a. Existing loyalty to major brands b. Incentives for using high fixed costs c. Scarcity of resources d. High cost of switching companies e. Government restrictions/legislation.
a. Small number of buyers b. Firms purchase large volume c. Firms may easily switch to another product d. Buyers can do without a firm's product e. Customers are price sensitive

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