Smallville Superheroes

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Super Power/ SkillsSuper Hero
Strength, Agility, Intern
Archery, Fighting
Flight, Strength
Shooting Stars, Strength, Speed
Magic Manipulation
Electricity Generation/Manipulation
Sonic Scream
Water Transformation, Animal Transformation
Magic, Spellcasting
Underwater Breathing, Communication with Marine Life
Super Power/ SkillsSuper Hero
Absorb Computer Data, Adavnced Physical Strength
Shape Shifting, Healing, Flight, Telepathy, Speed, Strength
Archery, Martial Arts
Strength, Speed, X-Ray/Heat Vision, etc.
Investigative Skills, Chemistry
Endorphin Kiss, Strength, Speed
Flight, Strength, Speed, Hearing, X-Ray/Heat Vision, etc.
Magnetic Control
Kryptonite Absorption, Strength, Speed

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