75 Random 80s Metal Bands

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Can you name the 80s metal bands by songs below?

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Song TitleBand
New Thing
Smooth Up in Ya
Forged in Fire
Cum on Feel the Noize
Lay It Down
Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz
I am the Law
Trick or Treat
Fallen Angel
Heaven's on Fire
Voracious Souls
Down Boys
Live Wire
Is This Love
Winters Call
Rock You
Eat the Rich
Sister Christian
I Wanna Be Somebody
Someone Like You
Am I Evil?
Song TitleBand
Boyz Are Gonna Rock
Kid Ego
License to Kill
Rip N' Tear
Keep the Spirit Alive
Don't Know What You Got
Mr. Crowley
Into the Pit
Teas'n Pleas'n
The Lady Wore Black
Mista Bone
Hold On to 18
Hells Bells
Naughty Naughty
Edge of a Broken Heart
Youth Gone Wild
Captain Howdy
Rock Soldiers
To Hell With the Devil
Rainbow in the Dark
No One Like You
The Evil That Men Do
Raining Blood
Little Fighter
Song TitleBand
Hall of the Mountain King
Kiss Me Deadly
Just Got Lucky
Summertime Girls
Don't Close Your Eyes
Up All Night
See You in Hell
In My Darkest Hour
Walkin' Shoes
March of the Saint
Rag Doll
Hot For Teacher
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
Cowboys From Hell
Twist of Cain
Addicted to that Rush
Poison Ivy
I Want Out
Because the Night*
Modern Day Cowboy
Balls to the Wall
Turn Up the Radio
Electric Eye

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