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100 Y___ W__History
7 D_____ S___History
7 W______ of the A______ W____History
9 B________ S________Music
500 D___ of S_____Film
57 C_______ and N______ O_Music
101 D_________Film
1 L___ to L___Television
7 C_____ of the R______Science
57 H___ V________Slogan
50 W___ to L____ Y___ L____Music
60 M______Television
154 S____________ S______Literature
3 L___ of M_____Science
6 F___ U____Television
8 D___ a W___Music
50 S_____ in the U____History
20000 L______ U____ the S__Literature
1001 A______ N_____Literature
21 J___ S_____Television

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