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Their value of gold and silver should be measured by a very different standard... They make their chamber pots and close stools of gold and silver...
Consider, if you please, the gold that is so sought after... and then remember through how much toil and trouble and danger these have been acquired.
Imperial luxury he shuns instinctively. The arrogant shudder when they drink from gold, but he tingles with pleasure as with his bare hands, he cups springwater.
But thus you see we maintain a trade, not for gold, silver, or jewels...; but only for God's first creature, which is light.
It is not government both unjust and ungrateful, that is so prodigal of its favours to those that are called gentlemen, or goldsmiths, or such others who are idle...
The chariot was all of cedar, gilt and adorned with crystal; save that the fore end had panels of sapphires set in borders of gold...
He does not lie, he does not yearn to sleep richly beneath a thousand columned roof.
A drink out of a silver cup - or a gold one, for that matter - is no more refreshing...
I am not the fool enough to make any of the following prayers...'May good luck show me a pot of silver...' (close enough =P)
Quote (short due to character limit)AuthorTitle
But as they keep their gold... only for such an occasion [of war], so, when that offers itself, they easily part with it.
Whereof one carrieth a scroll of their shining yellow parchment, the other a cluster of grapes of gold;...
The first life nature poured in human mold was touched by the divine and lived like this. It felt no blinding lust for gold.
Their golden crowns and purple garments I regard as absurdities, and the men who wear them as ridiculous...
On the hills like Gods together, careless of mankind... Round their golden houses, girdled with the gleaming world.
The King is debtor to no man, but for propagation of his subjects; the seal set to the King's charter is the King's image, embossed or moulded in gold.
Their king... is tied by an oath, confirmed by solemn sacrifices, never to have at once above a thousand pounds of gold in his treasures...
So that it is plain they must prefer iron to gold or silver.
For virtue is not bestowed by nature... they did not grub for gold and silver and transparent stones in the lowest dregs of the earth...

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