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Can you name the author and identify the context of these gobbets for our Western Civilization readings.?

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GobbetsAuthor, Title, Theme
1. First, cast out money, for Christ and money do not go well together in one place; if you shut them both up at the same time... (author:)
you will find yourself the possessor of one without the other. The richer you may be in the poor lucre of this world, the more miserably lacking you are in true riches. (title:)
Therefore if money is there, let it retire forthwith into other halls so that Christ may find vacant the cell of your heart. (theme:)
2. Resting weary limbs at last on beds of asphodel. (author:)
Surely, surely, slumber is more sweet than toil, the shore / Than labour in the deep mid-ocaen, wind and wave and oar; (title:)
O, rest ye, brother mariners, we will not wander more. (theme:)
3. Such a life as this however will be higher than the human level: not in virtue of his humanity will a man achieve it, (author:)
but in virtue of something within him that is divine; and by as much as this something is superior to his composite nature, (title:)
by so much is its activity superior to the exercise of the other forms of virtue. (theme:)
4. It is certain that all things appear incredible to us, in proportion as they differ from our own customs. (author:)
But one who can judge aright,will not wonder to find, that since their constitution differs so much from ours, (title:)
GobbetsAuthor, Title, Theme
their value of gold and silver should be measured by a different standard. (theme:)
5. But however excellent and guileless their life, the men of that time were not wise men, since that name is reserved... (author:)
for the highest of man's achievements. Yet I would not deny that they were men of lofty spirit - (title:)
and if I may put it so - fresh from the gods. (theme:)
6. Here no mean-spirited ambition corrupts me, no leaden sirocco, and no fatal autumn, (author:)
a gain for the gloomy funeral goddess. Father of Morning, or Janus, if you prefer it, (title:)
To whom men dedicate the early labors of their daily tasks - As the gods have destined - be the start of my song. (theme:)
7. Thus you see we maintain a trade, not for gold, silver, or jewels, nor for silks, nor for spices, nor any other commodity of matter; (author:)
but only for God's first creature, which was light; (title:)
to have light, I say, of the growth of all parts of the world. (theme:)

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