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LyricSong TitleAlbum
Tell me that you want to danceA Hundred Million Suns
Just close your eyesA Hundred Million Suns
[Title] and I won't knowEyes Open
Only the faintest, only the faintest glance, buries you, buries meA Hundred Million Suns
You cool your bed warm hands downA Hundred Million Suns
I want somethingEyes Open
What if this storm endsA Hundred Million Suns
[Title] and think of somewhereEyes Open
Please don't let this turn into something it's notEyes Open
A little after twelveA Hundred Million Suns
It's hard to argue whenEyes Open
LyricSong TitleAlbum
We'll do it allEyes Open
[Title] for yourself tonightA Hundred Million Suns
I find the map and draw a straight lineEyes Open
All this feels strange and untrueEyes Open
Strain this chaos turn it into lightEyes Open
For once I want to be the car crashEyes Open
The yellowed page of the books and books I'd forgotten that I hadA Hundred Million Suns
Hold on, hold on, let me get the words out before I burstA Hundred Million Suns
The earth is warm next to my earEyes Open
The winters mar the earthA Hundred Million Suns
Two weeks later like a surplus reprieveA Hundred Million Suns

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