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Leia's home planetA
The bounty hunter who tracked the millenium falconB
'Hello, Sir! I am _______, human cyborg relations'C
'No, Luke. I am your father' who is this speakingD
'Yub Nub' creatures of endorE
What gives a jedi his/her power?F
What creature is Jar Jar Binks?G
Who is the pilot of the millenium falconH
The bounty hunter who is a tall, thin droidI
Who is big, fat and ugly, and lives on tatooineJ
Which Jedi was killed on Mygeeto?K
Who lives on bespin and runs cloud city?L
Who was electrecuted by palpatine in episode III after having his hand cut off by Anakin?M
He is also played by the same guy and Ki-adi Mundi. He was in episode I mainlyN
Who was Anakin Skywalker's MasterO
She kissed her brother not knowing it.P
Was killed by Darth MaulQ
The cheeky blue astromech droidR
The main imperial trooperS
Planet where mos eisley is locatedT
Where Obi wan faught General GrievousU
Who made a bet with Qui gon that Anakin would not finish the race?W
Who is small, green and 900 years old?Y
Which bounty hunter was hired to kill Padme?Z

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