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Character who sang the songSongEpisode Title
Tori Vega and Cat ValentineThree Girls and a Moose
Tori VegaThe Birthweek Song
Andre Harris and Tori VegaAndre's Horrible Girl
Victorious CastApril Fools Blank
Tori VegaTori Goes Platinum
Tori VegaPilot
Victorious CastLocked Up!
Andre Harris and Tori Vega The Diddly Bops
Tori VegaThe Great Ping Pong Scam
Tori VegaStar Spangled Tori
Tori VegaProm Wrecker
Tori Vega and Andre HarrisThe Bad Roommate
Victorious CastDriving Tori Crazy
Character who sang the songSongEpisode Title
Tori VegaTori the Zombie
Jade West and Tori VegaTori and Jade's Play Date
Victorious CastLocked Up!
Tori VegaBeggin On Your Knees
Tori VegaFreak the Freak Out
Jade WestTori Fixes Beck and Jade
Tori VegaThe Breakfast Bunch
Victorious and iCarly CastsiParty with Victorious
Cat Valentine and Jade WestFreak the Freak Out
Robbie ShapiroThe Diddly Bops
Robbie ShapiroThe Blonde Squad
Andre HarrisJade Gets Crushed
Tori Vega and Andre HarrisOne Thousand Berry Balls

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