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controlling sentence, author's purpose
how a passage is constructed-> images, details or arguments
describes principle governing the art of writing effectively and persuasively
tools of rhetoric, such as tone, diction, imagery
exposition: explains, argumentation: prove validity, description: describing, narrative: tell a story
branch of linguistics that studies the meaning of words-> historical/psychological development, connotations, etc.
a question asked for only rhetorical effect, no answer needed
taunting remark, generally ironic
central message
a literary work which vices are held up to ridicule
the way the writer selects which details to use
a long speech where the character is alone
a pattern that groups have a pattern
word/phrase that follows linking verb and completes sentence by renaming/describing
the duplication, exact or approximate, of an element or language
intellectually amusing
deductive systems of formal logic that presents two premises and leads to conclusion
the way an author joins phrases, clauses and sentences
minimalizing a fact
an evaluation of the sum of all the choices an author makes: word choice, sentence construction, and figurative language

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