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Olaf, Hans, Kristoff
Sarabi, Banzai, Shenzi
Rufus, Penny, Miss Bianca
Jaq, Gus, Bruno
Faline, Flower, Thumper
Nutsy, Sir Hiss, Lady Cluck
Colonel Hathi, Dizzie, Kaa
Jock, Boris, Tony
Mr Smee, Nana, Tiger Lily
Doorknob, Dormouse, Tweedledum
Frou Frou, Roquefort, Abigail
Constable Jones, Winifred, Michael
Percy, Nakoma, Flit
Roscoe, Francis, Georgette
Sergeant Tibbs, Lucky, Rolly
Vixey, Dinky, Porcupine

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