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Can you name the lizard families given their distribution?

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N., C. & S. America, West Indies, S. Europe, Africa, Madagascar, Asia, Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand & many Pacific islands
SW US thru tropical S. America, West Indies, Galapagos, Fiji
Mexico, SE Asia, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea
S. America, West Indies, Galapagos
SW US; Mexico to Guatemala
Central Mexico to NW South America
N. & S. America, West Indies, Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, N. Africa
S Asia, Africa, the East Indies & Australia
SW US, Mexico, C. America, Cuba
S. Mexico to Argentina
Sub-Saharan Africa
Restricted to S. & C. America, except 1 genus found in N. America
Panama & tropical S. America
South Central US to N Mexico
Worldwide (but most in Australia + islands of western Pacific, Asia & Africa)
SE US thru C. & S. America, West Indies
N. & C. America (from S Canada to Panama)
Africa, Madagascar, S Spain, Crete, S Arabian Peninsula, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
SE Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Guinea archipelago, absent from Fiji
Madagascar endemics
Mexico & Guatemala, China
Europe, Asia, Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa & Madagascar

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