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Can you name the lizard families given their distribution?

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Madagascar endemics
N. & S. America, West Indies, Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, N. Africa
Panama & tropical S. America
N. & C. America (from S Canada to Panama)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Mexico & Guatemala, China
S Asia, Africa, the East Indies & Australia
Central Mexico to NW South America
SW US thru tropical S. America, West Indies, Galapagos, Fiji
Mexico, SE Asia, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea
S. Mexico to Argentina
Restricted to S. & C. America, except 1 genus found in N. America
Sub-Saharan Africa & Madagascar
Worldwide (but most in Australia + islands of western Pacific, Asia & Africa)
SW US; Mexico to Guatemala
Europe, Asia, Africa
South Central US to N Mexico
N., C. & S. America, West Indies, S. Europe, Africa, Madagascar, Asia, Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand & many Pacific islands
SE US thru C. & S. America, West Indies
Africa, Madagascar, S Spain, Crete, S Arabian Peninsula, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
SE Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Guinea archipelago, absent from Fiji
SW US, Mexico, C. America, Cuba
S. America, West Indies, Galapagos

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