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Can you name the undefined geometry terms?

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can you name the
longest line in a right triangle
infinite length and width but no thickness
180 < angle < 360
a 3 dimensional figure
a line inside a circle
angles that measures exactly 90 degrees
many lines having a common point
measurement around a polygon
angles that has a sum of 180 degrees
9 sided polygon
common endpoint of two rays
infinite length, no width, no thickness
measurement of the capacity of a prism
angle > 360 degrees
no length, no width, no thickness
can you name the
measurement of the space inside a polygon
90 degrees > angle > 0 degrees
180 degrees > angle > 90 degrees
10 sided polygon
angle = 0 degrees
lines that are noncoplanar
angles that has a sum of 90 degrees
two lines that has a common point
has specific length, has 2 endpoints
inersection of two planes
rays that shares a common endpoint
infinite length, no width, has only one endpoint.
a polygon that has the area of two triangles
longest chord in a circle
coplanar lines that do not intersect

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