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What show were One Direction created on?
Who is the oldest member?
What is Liam afraid of?
When is Niall's birthday?
What is Zayn's middle name?
Where is Harry from?
Who is the youngest member?
What was Louis' audition song?
What is Zayn afraid of?
Where is Liam's birthmark?
Which member is Irish?
When is Louis' birthday?
Who was their X Factor mentor?
When is Harry's birthday?
Where is Louis from?
Who is the shortest member?
What is their first album called?
Which member is from Bradford?
What band was Harry in before One Direction?
When did Liam originally audition?
What is Harry's middle name?
What instrument does Niall play?
What instrument does Harry claim to be able to play?
What was Harry's audition song?
What middle name do Niall and Liam share?
Louis likes girls who eat what vegetable?
Who has only one kidney?
What sport is Liam a fan of?
On what Nickelodeon show did the boys appear on?
Where is Zayn's father from?
What is Louis' middle name?
Which of the boys smoke?

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