Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty

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Can you name the Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty?

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Prenomen (Throne Name)Nomen (Personal Name)Notes
Nebpehtyra (1550-1525)
Djeserkara (1525-1504)
Aakheperkara (1504-1492)
Aakheperenra (1492-1479)
Menkheperra (1479-1425)
Maatkara (1473-1458)
Aakheperura (1427-1400)
Prenomen (Throne Name)Nomen (Personal Name)Notes
Menkheperura (1400-1390)
Nebmaatra (1390-1352)
Neferkheperurawaenra (1352-1336)
Smenkhkara (1338-1336)
Nebkheperura (1336-1327)
Kheperkheperura (1327-1323)
Djeserkheperura (1323-1295)

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