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A: Escaped Troy to find a new land (Italy)
B: God of the North Wind
C: God of love.
D: Son of Athena. Designed the labyrinth.
E: Girl who loved her own voice. Can only speak if spoken to.
F: Goddess of flowers
G: Snake god
H: A demigod of extreme strength. 12 tasks.
I: Goddess of rainbows
J: God of beginnings, endings, and doors.
L: Goddess of the moon
M: Goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industries and trades.
N: God of the sea, earthquakes, and horses
O: Goddess of fertility
P: God of the dead and the Underworld
Q: War god and a god of the Roman people and state.
R: A minor agricultural god and attendant of Ceres.
S: A titan, god of harvest and agriculture, the father of Jupiter, Neptune, Juno, and Pluto
T: Goddess of crossroads and magic, equated with Hecate
U: God of the sky before Saturn and Jupiter
V: Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, and gardens

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