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'But then you drifted away, after you said you'd always stay'
'Be there where love begins and that's everywhere she goes'
'In this automatic age, we shop through the yellow page'
'Come back lover, come back, this is where you belong'
'You'll remember me somehow, though you don't need me now'
'Everyday's a holiday get your ticket right away, love love love'
'Touch my hand and baby I'm yours'
'Birds of a feather will fly together'
'People like the way dreams have of sticking to the soul'
'If you should ever find someone new, I know he better be good to you'
'I tell them happiness and sunny skies are all we're thinking of'
'Let sadness see what happy does, let happy be where sadness was'
'But maybes may not ever convince your stubborn heart'
'Every time I think I had enough and start heading toward the door'
'Do you ever wonder or worry your pretty little head bout what I do'
'Every time your record's on, Michael'
'The game of love is such a beautiful game'
'She knows what she's doing, she super bad now'
'I think I'll be a movie star, or travel to some distant star'
'Just like a desert shows a thirsty man, green oasis where there's only sand'
'I can take an aspirin for a bad headache but what pill for loneliness can I take?'
'Can it be I stayed away too long?'
'I used to say 'I' and 'me' now it's us , now it's we'
'I'm spinning around like your merry go round, you got my dizzy'
'Midnight is so near, please don't disappear'

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