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Main CharactersShow
Maureen, Mark, Roger, Joanne, Angel, Tom
Elphaba, G(a)linda, Fiyero, Boq
Wendla, Moritz, Melchior,Ilse
Violet, Judy, Doralee
Roxie, Velma, Billy
Fran, Chuck, J.D.
Ensign, Emile
Billy, Mrs. Wilkinson, Michael
Sophie, Bill, Harry, Donna
Claude, Berger, Sheila
Diana, Dan, Natalie, Gabe
Tony, Maria
Eddie, Catherine, Rodolpho
Main CharactersShow
Tracy, Penny, Link, Seaweed
Princeton, Kate, Christmas Eve
Huey, Felicia, Bobby
Raul, Christine
Fantine, Javert, Eponine
Albert, Rosie, Mae
Usnavi, Nina, Vanessa
Michael, Veronica, Alan
Oliver, Fagin, Nancy
Annie, Frank
Zach, Cassie, Maggie
Mama Rose, June

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