The Napoleonic Wars

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DateBattle NameLocation
22 July, 1805Off Coast of Galicia, Spain; Inconclusive
16 to 19 October, 1805Württemberg; French Victory
21 October, 1805Near Strait of Gibraltar; British Victory
2 December, 1805Bavaria; French Victory
14 October, 1806Thuringia; French Victory
7 to 8 February, 1807East Prussia; French Victory
14 June, 1807East Prussia; French Victory
24 to 26 June, 1808Aragon, Spain; Spanish Victory
21 to 22 May, 1809Vienna, Austria: Inconclusive
5 to 6 July, 1809Vienna, Austria; French Victory
16 to 19 July, 1809Jaén, Spain; Spanish Victory
27 to 28 June, 1809Near Madrid, Spain; No Clear Victor
20 December, 1808 to 20 February, 1809Aragon, Spain; French Victory
22 July, 1812Arapiles, Spain; Coalition Victory
16 to 18 August, 1812Belarus, Russia; French Victory
7 September, 1812Near Moscow, Russia; French Victory
2 May, 1813Saxony; French Victory
21 June, 1813Basque Country, Spain; Coalition Victory
26 to 27 August, 1813Saxony; French Victory
16 to 19 October, 1813Saxony; Coalition Victory
16 June, 1815Belgium; French Victory
18 June, 1815Belgium; French Victory

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