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Well duh
Ginger best friend
Brilliant girl
His brother, owner of Hogs Head
The enemy
The enemy's followers
Harry's school nemesis
His nemesis' crony #1
His nemesis' crony #2
Famous Hogwarts cat
Who owns this cat?
Lord V split his soul into 7...
Hermione went camping here once
Ron's sister
Forest near Hogwarts
the 'evil' Hogwarts house
Mascot of Gryffindor
Ghost of Slytherin
Harry's godfather's cousin
Harry's godfather's animagi form
Charms teacher last name
Ron's git brother
Harry's first KISS
The least popular creator of Mauraders map
coming of age for wizard
Lupin's boggart turns in what shape
the lady in pink
Harry's signature spell
Who pretends to be Moody in HP4
Ron and this girl snog 24/7
The very strict Transfiguration teacher
Only people who have witnessed a death can see these
Odd, blond, somewhat spacey girl
Student Organization started in HP5
Famous tree
Harry's son named after a teacher

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