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The fist triwizard tournament challengeFire Breathing
Kreecher's master
The color of the Weasley's hair
Who impersinated Mad-Eye-Moody?Jr. not Sr.
Lupin is a...Not an animagus
In the 5th book ___ gets attacked by nagini
In the 6th book Dumbledore and Harry go to find which horcrux?
Who made Lupin a werewolf?
Hermione goes to the Yule Ball with who?
Harry sleeps under what?
TriviaAnswerExtra info
In the books what color hair does Dudley have?
A basilisk ____ kills horcruxes
Percy Weasly's boss
The spell that creates a patronus
The 3 unforgivable curses
Sirius Black can turn into a ____
How does Rita Skeeter get all her stories?
In the 7th book Fred ____ and George loses an ____
What does Ginny say that Ron has a tatoo of in the 6th book?
What is Hermiones middle name?

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