19th Century Art Dates and Artist

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1819Gericault (Races combined)
1824Delacroix (U-shaped)
1811Ingres (No chin)
1863Manet (Naked ladies)
1863Manet (Fancy call girl)
1882Manet (Big booty)
1865Degas (Dr. Schwarz)
1857Courbet (Hussies)
1849-50Courbet (Kids are bored)
1821Constable (Quaint)
1850Millet (Surrealistic)
1862Daumier (Poor people in car)
1860-62Manet (Crowded, yet organized)
1872Degas (Breastfeeding)
1878Degas (Oboe)
1872Monet (Caused name)
1873Monet (Snowy day)
1869Monet (Friend painted together)
1869Monet (Choo choo)
1831Daumier (Soylent green)
1834Daumier (Dead, but moving)
1876Renoir (Weekend fun)
1874Renoir (Peeping Tom)
1873Pissaro (Brr)
1872Morisot (Wahhh)
1807David (Pieta)
1808Girodet (Georgia)

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